Imagine if your city streets were left pristine, unstained by those unattractive black chewing gum splotches. Sound like a pipe dream? Well, it’s  not an impossibility–Revolymer, a spin-out company from the University of Bristol, has invented a removable chewing gum that can easily be cleaned up with just soap and water!

Revolymer’s gum was shown off to US customers this week at the National Association of Convenience Store Show. The gum, dubbed Rev7TM, degrades into minerals and biodegradable materials when tossed down the drain. Once placed in water the gum takes approximately 6 months to disintegrate into powder form.

Rev7TM will be released in retail stores by early 2011, where classic peppermint and spearmint flavors will mark the debut, with more flavors to be released later in the year. Word of advice: Wrigley’s, watch your back.

Via PhysOrg

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