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Many Small Cubes, Sou Fujimoto, FIAC 2014, art installation, sculpture, architectural sculpture, galerie philippe gravier, patrick rimoux

Sou Fujimoto, who designed the 2013 Serpentine Gallery in London, just completed the Many Small Cubes installation in Paris. Commissioned by Galerie Philippe Gravier, Fujimoto’s art and architecture installation is a delicately balanced series of metal cubes outfitted with plants and even some small trees. The project was conceived as a ‘nomadic house’ and features a small void in the center that is accessed by formal entrances on either side or smaller gaps if you duck your head. “These Maisons d’edition are nomadic structures, removable and durable, that can be inscribed in both the artistic and environmental landscape,” explained Philippe Gravier.

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The installation also serves as a screen for a light show at night designed by Patrick Rimoux. Nearby scaffolding holds a projector that shines various images onto the surface of the cubes including images of clouds, numbers, and abstract color patterns. “The floating masses of Many Small Cubes create a new experience of space, a rhythm of flickering shadows and lights, as being under the trees,” said Fujimoto. “The architecture forms one unified element whose balance and stability are carefully designed: the position of each cube and each tree participates to the overall stability, yet reaching a random-like feeling, bringing the whole architecture closer to nature.”

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Images ©Marc Domage, Dezeen, Galerie Philippe Gravier