Renault and British designer Ross Lovegrove just took the wraps off the Renault Twin’Z electric concept car. The Twin’Z is an all-electric city car with rear-wheel drive, a 100 mile range and a 86-hp rear-mounted electric motor. It draws its inspiration from the heritage of some of the Renault’s other models like the Renault 5 and Renault Twingo, but Renault invited British designer Ross Lovegrove to add some extra design touches.

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According to Renault, the Twin’Z concept sets out to illustrate Renault’s new design strategy through parallels with threshold phases of human existence. The vehicle is the fifth concept car to result from Renault’s design strategy, which is founded on the notion of the human life cycle as represented by a six-petalled flower.

Ross Lovegrove’s team was tasked with providing the finishing details to the Twin’Z’s bodywork, including its bumpers, lights, grille, LED roofscape and wheels. His studio was also responsible for designing the interior, including the choice of colors and materials.

Ross Lovegrove stated, “For me, the car is just a big product. But the magic for the designer is having the potential firstly to concentrate on working within the boundaries of a single ‘project’, then secondly to be able to design the furniture, lighting and electronics. I adopted a coordinated approach to both the inside and outside to ensure that Twin’Z read as one object and benefited from the same artistic mind-set founded on digitizing and electrifying the car. The car has become a symbol of our progress and civilization; an icon of our technocracy and our ability to transform materials into objects of great precision and physical presence.”

+ Renault