At the most recent Frankfurt auto show, Renault unveiled their new 100% electric concept car, the Frendzy. Like several other modern concept cars, the Frendzy takes on the challenge of multi-faceted lifestyles, trying to meet the needs of people who work and communicate from their cars, and to serve them as their lives change over time. The Frendzy features a flexible interior with fold-down back and front passenger seats, a fabric roof that literally flexes to adapt to bulky objects transported in the vehicle, an asymetrical interior with family-oriented features on the left and work-oriented functions on the right, plus a Blackberry Playbook that docks near the driver’s seat and controls an exterior 37-inch widescreen that can be used for entertainment or advertising.

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We’re not sure how practical it is to combine an exterior 37-inch widescreen display on the passenger rear sliding door with a chalkboard for children to draw on (we’re fairly sure the designer doesn’t have kids, who would love to draw on the whole car while they’re at it), but the idea of even having different doors on either side of the Frendzy is intriguing: slider on the right with no central pillar for easy loading, and center-opening doors on the left for loading the family in and out.

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Via Industry Leaders Magazine