The problem with electric vehicles is that the technology is still quite pricey, however Renault are aiming to change that with the Twizy, which will become the cheapest electric vehicle on the market. At a ‘mere’ $9,700, the Renault Twizy will allow urbanites to travel around cities as economically and environmentally friendly as possible. Announced at the Paris Auto Show, the two-seat vehicle may look strange, but it’s hell of a lot cheaper that the $32,780 Nissan Leaf.

According to Renault, “Renault Twizy will clearly appeal to busy, car-owning city dwellers looking for a second vehicle, as well as to younger drivers interested in a safe way to gain experience in traffic thanks to the availability of a version that will not require a driver’s licence (depending on country).”

So how can Renault afford to produce and sell the car at such a low price point? Well, it’s quite simple really – you buy the car, but you lease the battery. But the cost for the Renault Twizy’s battery subscription is $62 per month, and while that does not include the cost of electricity, you have to admit that, overall, it is a considerable savings.

Now if only every city had an electric grid in place to cope with the large number of electric cars that (we hope) will soon be on the market.

+ Renault

via Green Auto Blog