If you’re looking for unique home accessories that are environmentally friendly and have a clean and elegant design quality, you’ll want to check out Corque‘s new collection crafted with – you guessed it – cork! From the fun Rolha candle holder which allows users to turn old bottles into candelabras, to funky Topography placemats, which bring rough terrain to the table, their “Designing Living Objects” line truly showcases the versatility of cork.

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The Portugal-based design company introduced its new line at furniture show Zona Tortona in Italy this year. Called “Designing Living Objects” the imaginative line takes cork from mundane to magnificent with quirky reinterpretations of the familiar material. The designs come in both colorful and neutral palettes, making integrating them into any home easy. Plus, cork’s natural cushiness makes for the perfect texture for everyday use items.

Harvested from the cork oak tree, cork is an ideal sustainable material as it renews itself every nine years. Unlike the harvesting of lumber from other trees, it is possible to extract cork bark in a way that doesn’t harm the plants themselves. In addition, environmentalists are on hand to monitor the extraction process, ensuring a continuous cork supply for generations to come.

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