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Two separate structures make up the design: a two bedroom home with an adjoining office space. The surrounding landscape connects the two structures, adding size and unity to the entire project. The exterior of both buildings is beautifully clad in dark rough sawn wood, giving the home an attractive minimalistic presence.

Despite its rather simple appearance, however, the high performing residential features of the Skidmore home make this project a complex powerhouse of energy efficiency. The architects, determined to meet the German Passivhaus’ strict energy efficiency standards, installed super insulation, ultra airtight construction and a heat recovery ventilator to create an ultra impermeable envelope.

For interior temperature control year round, the design depends on south facing, triple-glazed windows to maximize solar gains. Alternatively, exterior operable aluminium shades are used to block unwanted summer heat. Storm water run off is managed by an extensive green roof and a 4.32 kW photovoltaic array provides energy for the home, keeping the project’s energy levels near net zero.

Amazingly, the total construction costs (excluding land costs, permitting, and design fees) of the Skidmore Passivehaus was just under $400.000.

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