The Herbert Art Gallery recently received a stunning renovation by Pringle Richards Sharratt Architects that fuses a modern extension with the walls of an ancient medieval city that once stood on its site. The £20 million refurbishment and extension incorporates an ancient vault and includes 8 new permanent galleries, spaces for temporary exhibitions and events, educational gatherings and a new History Center along with Herbert Media Studios. The most notable addition is the 500 square meter glazed glass-covered court which lets in plenty of daylight from sunrise to sunset and is supported by the new prefabricated gallery extension.

Herbert Gallery, Daylighting, Refurbished Building

The complexity of the Herbert Art Gallery derives primarily from the building’s site, which plays host to a Medival cathedral, the exiting Herbert building, and a Peace Garden commemorating the bombing of Coventry during the war. We were particularly inspired by the way the new extension treads lightly on the past while looking to the future, embracing and preserving ancient architecture within an invigorated modern museum.

+ Pringle Richards Sharratt

+ Herbert Art Gallery

Via World Architecture News