An old sugar refinery in Brooklyn is getting a second chance at the sweet life thanks to the designers at Rafael Vinoly Architects (RVA) PC, who have proposed a massive green renovation for the 2.8-million-square-foot complex. The mixed-use project will create 2,200 apartments, with at least 30% of the new housing being designated to lower-income families. The conversion of the old industrial site will also provide the Williamsburg residences with a fantastic view of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridges, and New York Harbor via the project’s green roof.

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RVA is setting up the Domino Sugar Refinery project as a model for sustainable development and is currently looking at achieving various LEED Certifications. The project was initially hatched in 2005 to design and develop the master plan of the complex and processing facilities.

The architects’ work transforms the former industrial complex into a modular, mixed-use residential development with a variety of open spaces that allow public access to the East River. The renovation is sponsored by The Refinery, LLC with the Community Preservation Corporation’s for-profit, developmental subsidiary CPC Resources as managing partner. As of last Monday the project is under the public review process for Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP).