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The design approach was based on the teaching of the Schola Riccatiana and the concept of absolute beauty achieved through the relationship between architecture, mathematics and music. The architects used only natural materials and sustainable technology in order to generate energy savings of over 30% more than the traditional villas located in the same area.

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The villa combines the patina of eighteen-century architecture and luxury design and furnishings. Similarly, the installation showcases the sophisticated quality of modern design based on recycled pieces. Artist and interior designer Alberto Colbertaldo, founder of LaCentrale, decorated the villa with elements of luxury design mixed with industrial recycled design pieces created ad hoc for the event. The most iconic designs by Gervasoni’s Creative Director Paola Navone, such as the Ghost, Brick and InOut series, Viabizzuno’s Mosaico lighting system and French-style industrial elements gave life to an ensemble in which architectural beauty and interiors are enhanced and complement each other.

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