Amazon never ceases to amaze us with their product and service offerings. Sure, they started out as a speedy way to get cheap books, but those days are a faint memory as their lineup has expanded to include groceries, streaming movies, and a host of other necessities and not-so-necessary things. Now, you can turn to Amazon for your lawncare needs as well, using their Hire a Goat Grazer service to rent a herd of goats to mow your lawn.

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We hear what you’re saying. “You’ve goat to be kidding me! That’s a trip!” And you’re right. (No, really, another name for a group of goats is a “trip.”)

Why rent goats, when simple lawncare is typically not much farther away than the teenager down the street? So many reasons. For starters, goats are pretty eco-friendly. You hire them to do what they do anyway, without the need for additional fossil fuels to be burned or the risk of grass-stained jeans. Google and Yahoo use goats to manicure their California digs, and it’s actually more common than you’d think to rely on goats to clear larger swaths of land for any number of purposes.

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Granted, Amazon isn’t the only place you can reserve a team of goat lawncare experts. (We’re not kidding!) But if you get everything else on Amazon, why not lawn services as well? Amazon’s goat grazing service is still in beta, which means it’s being tested, but rest assured that all grass-gulping goats available for rent are pros at the game. It is, after all, what goats are best known for: their ability to eat just about anything and everything in their path.

In order to take advantage of the service, you have to live near a goat grazing service provider. They exist across the U.S. but reports indicate this service is specifically available near Amazon’s HQ (Seattle) and in California where, as previously mentioned, goat grazing is kind of already a thing. Although this lawn-mowing service is pretty analog, it’s amusing that you still have to rely on a service map in order to use it, not unlike your smartphone which, incidentally, you can use to order a visit from a trip of goats.


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