If you’ve been on the hunt for non-toxic cleaner that also boasts a long-lasting reusable bottle, then Replenish may be just the thing you’re looking for. This household cleaner is shipped in small pods of super concentrate that can be snapped into a reusable bottle and mixed with water, significantly cutting down on the shipping weight and material use of other cleaning products. Each bottle has been engineered to last up to 3 years, each concentrate pod can make 4 bottles (64 ounces) worth of cleaner, and the fluid is not only 98% plant-based, but completely biodegradable — it’s so pure that the company says you could even drink it!

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It seems counterintuitive to spray our common surfaces with anything carrying a hazard label, so unless you’re making your own cleaners at home, Replenish is a great alternative to those toxic cleaners lining the store shelves. And for those who have long treks to the grocery store, lugging a one-gallon bottle of cleaner with all your goods can be a total pain. Systematically designed for easy transport (be it from manufacturing to the shelf, or the shelf to your home) Replenish consists of a tiny pod you affix to your recyclable bottle — simply flip it, squeeze the capsule, and mix in your own water, and viola!

Moreover, by providing an empty bottle that you fill with water from your tap at home, you’ll help drastically reduce the carbon footprint associated with distributing the average household cleaner – where 95% of the product is just plastic and water, and only 5% is cleaner. Replenish provides a durable bottle that is built to last, and pure cleaner that’ll both curb the plastic pile-up and ultimately keep your home toxin-free.

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