Looking for some DIY lighting ideas to really spruce up your home? Try out these gorgeous repurposed gramophone lamps. Beautifully crafted out of antique gramophones, the hanging pendant lamps may not actually bring music to your ears, but are sure to shine some soothing light into your life.

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The pendant light fixtures have popped up in Seattle’s Little Water Cantina, which was, incidentally, Washington State’s first LEED CI Platinumcandidate restaurant. As a green leader in its sector with a strong dedication to serving local and organic food as well as protecting the environment, Little Water is the perfect setting for imaginative repurposed inventions such as these.

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With the potential to easily become a DIY lamp making obsession, the design highlights the beautiful shape of the horns, which disperse just the right amount of warming light. Fashioned from non-working models (functioning units are too expensive to contemplate anyway), the various rustic colors are original to the gramophones and bring a touch of old-world charm to any setting.

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