Smartphones have become an essential part of most people’s daily functions. Such a massive industry has the potential to have an extensive environmental impact, from production, to the waste cycle. Smartphone manufacturers are showing signs of accountability through efforts to incorporate recycled materials into product design and work towards carbon neutrality. 

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As consumers, we have the power to choose the company we feel is making the best effort towards these goals. Research company Piplsay found out how consumers feel about green initiatives touted by the smartphone giants. The results show consumers are willing to use the power of the dollar to uphold their expectations. 

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Piplsay polled 30,760 Americans and 9,140 Britons in the research, asking about their response to sustainability plans such as Samsung’s mission to use plastic waste collected from the ocean in all future products, from phones to headphones to earbuds. Apple and Microsoft have released similar plans, including the goal of achieving carbon neutral production in the next ten years. 

The results of the research show 80% of U.S. and U.K. respondents feel policies like Samsung’s decision to use ocean plastic in Galaxy phones will make a positive impact on the environment “to a great extent” or “to some extent.”   

While smartphone makers have been working on making products more eco-friendly for some time, relatively few consumers are aware of it. When asked which initiatives they were aware of, 27% of Americans said they are aware of smartphone makers using recycled materials in their products, while 21% know about the reduced use of plastic in packaging. 

Interestingly though, once aware of the efforts, consumers overwhelmingly said it could impact their buying decisions, with 68% of Americans saying they would proactively buy from smartphone brands that are taking eco-friendly measures and 71% of Britons stating the same.

These responses align with the participants’ opinions that other brands should take responsibility by setting environmental goals, with a yes response from 72% of Americans and 80% from the U.K.  

As for brand trust, 64% to 66% of all those surveyed placed Samsung and Apple at the top of the list for taking responsible environmental action. Complete results of the survey can be found here

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