High-end clothing store Aether Apparel just launched its first standalone retail shop in San Francisco – and it’s made from three recycled shipping containers stacked one atop another! The sophisticated building is the latest addition to PROXY, a temporary cargotecture development in Hayes Valley which already boasts a coffee shop, an ice-cream parlor and a Biergarten. Aether’s towering shipping container store was designed by architects Envelope A&D working in collaboration with Aether designer Thierry Gaugain, and it was fabricated by Chris French Metal.

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The new retail store is composed of three efficiently stacked 8 x 9.6 x 40 foot shipping containers. The first two containers have been gutted to create a two-story retail space. By staggering the second container, Envelope A & D created a great glass cantilever which lets in light while creating the perfect display case for outside passersby.

The third container is used to store inventory and is fitted with a custom-designed drycleaner’s conveyor belt spanning the height of the store in order to get clothes in and out of storage as efficiently as possible. The store also features reclaimed oak floors and was built by local contractors from the San Francisco area.

Aether isn’t the last retail addition to PROXY. Just around the corner, the shipping container village is planning to add PROXY_storefront, a series of nine storefront spaces made to fit within 6 storage containers.

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