Back in January 2005 the MACEF Design Awards announced the results of their international competition for designers working with re-purposed and recycled material. Since Inhabitat wasn’t around in January, I just recently discovered the many fabulous design entries that were shortlisted in this competition. In case you missed it the first time around (like I did), here are the results of the RE-think + RE-cycle design competition:

The grand prize winner, Nicolas le Moigne, walked away with ?5000 for his simple and ingenious recycled watering can. The design consists of which a specially designed spigot and handle piece which can be popped on to any standard water bottle, instantly transforming into a watering can.

A design which I loved and I think should have gotten an honorable mention was Josh Owen’s cd-case chandelier. I have a thing for multi-purpose, storage chandeliers. This reminds me a bit of the Glasklasen Wine-glass chandelier.

Another design which should have gotten an honorable mention is Jim Termeer’s Candletime, a set of candle-holders which are set up in the shape of a giant digital LCD time display. See next post for details >

A more literal interpretation of energy conservation got an honorable mention with Klaus Kuppers Energy Index – a proposal for a wall installation which would tell you in real-time how much energy you were consuming at any given moment. This is a great idea! I want one. I wish the designer would make a prototype.

Loads more interesting entries from this competition can be found at Design Boom >