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The project entailed completely upgrading and renovating the entire stretch of railroad between the two coastal towns. Converted to a walking path, the promenade also includes a creation of vantage points that would encourage its use as a recreational space as well as a tourist attraction. The main goals of the project were to provide continuity to the pedestrian paths, increase the usability of the coast line, make use of materials with low environmental impact, increase use of public parks, and create new opportunities for tourism.

The entire project was carried out in an environmentally aware manner to protect the sensitive site and beautiful vistas. The renovation of the railway also focussed on improving the safety of the tunnels as well as the reef slope. Construction began on the project in June of 2009 and was completed two years later in the July of 2011. Bike and pedestrian paths are open and accessible to the public and benches and rest areas are provided for those who want to enjoy the view. The tunnel will also be used as a “container” for art exhibitions.

Via ArchDaily

Images © Daniele Voarino