Peace Boat has been sailing the world since 1983, laboring to build a culture of peace through education – and they just unveiled a new Ecoship that could take to the seas in 2020. A closed-loop water system, whale-inspired hydrodynamic hull, and retractable solar sails are among the features that make this vessel, according to Oliver Design, the “world’s most eco-friendly cruise ship.”

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Peace Boat, Ecoship, Oliver Design, cruise ship, ocean liner, solar sails

Cruise ships aren’t typically known for sustainability. The average ship generates around 80,000 liters of sewage every day, and with outdated filter systems, minimally-treated sewage is often dumped into the water. Japan-based Peace Boat set out to create an alternative: an energy efficient, nature-inspired vessel that obtains some power from 10 retractable wind generators and 10 retractable photovoltaic sails. Their goal is zero discharge and almost zero waste operations with a closed waste loop and closed water loop.

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Spain-based Oliver Design came up with plans for the 60,000 metric ton ocean liner that can fit 2,000 passengers. A plant kingdom aboard will span five decks, absorbing surplus water and capturing carbon dioxide, with organic onboard waste serving as compost. Vertical farms will produce vegetables for voyagers to eat.

Peace Boat, Ecoship, Oliver Design, cruise ship, ocean liner, solar sails

The Ecoship should see an around 40 percent carbon dioxide reduction compared with a typical cruise ship built before 2000, and around 30 percent against current designs. There will be kinetic floors and 750 kilowatts of solar power generation on the vessel. The ship’s hybrid engine can also obtain power from liquefied natural gas or diesel. The liner should see a 20 percent cut of propulsion energy and 50 percent cuts on electricity load, according to Ecoship.

The vessel will host Peace Boat’s educational journeys, but will also serve as a floating laboratory committed to research on the ocean, climate, and green technologies. It’s set to be delivered in time for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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