Since 2007, a team of self-funded volunteers have spent their time designing and building an electric vehicle from scratch. They recently unveiled their project, and not only does it work – it’s capable of 207.5 MPG and it can do zero to sixty faster than Subaru’s BR-Z sports car! Not bad for a car that was built in a barn in central Illinois.

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The car, which looks like a retro Batmobile, is the Illuminati Motor Works Seven, and was built for the purpose of winning the 2010 Progressive Automotive X Prize, which offered $5 million to anyone who could build a 100 MPG car with all the room and capabilities of a standard family sedan.

While a mechanical issue disqualified the car from winning, the team have spent the past few years improving their initial design. (They did after all spend three years on it!)

The team is headed by Kevin Smith (Engineer) and consists of Nate Knappenburger (Electronics Technician), Jen Danzinger (Graphic Artist), Josh Spradlin (Graphic Designer), Nick Smith (Master Craftsman), Thomas Pasko (Master Automotive Technician) and George Kennedy (Engineer).

Back in 2010, the 4-seat ‘Seven’ vehicle was equipped with a 3,155 pound battery electric vehicle and achieved 182 MPGe on a 134 mile run. While it passed every safety and efficiency test, the car (at the time) wasn’t capable of passing the 0-60 MPH acceleration test by five seconds and was knocked out of the competition.

However, since then, the Illuminati Motor Works has taken their car on the road and traveled to Washington, D.C. to show the country’s automotive industry what is possible when you really put your mind to it. So much so, that since failing to win the competition three years ago, the car now has an EPA mileage rating of 207.5 MPGe!

The folks over at Gizm0do were lucky enough to take a ride in Seven this week and it looked like great fun!

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