We all know that food and water are basic human needs, but what about something as simple as a place to sit? Right now, there is a pressing need for nearly 2 billion basic, low-cost seating units for schools hospitals and houses in underdeveloped countries around the globe. In response to the shortage, students Alon Tal and Fabio Alvarez teamed up with Zilca, a company that specializes in recycled materials, to find a solution. First presented last September at design fair Habitat Valencia in Spain, their senior thesis, the Reverse Project, makes cushions from re-purposed car foam for seating that is easy on the eyes, earth, and the behind!

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Featuring versatility in shape, volume and dimension, the reverse cushion is functional and good-looking.  If desired you can pull back part of the fabric cover to allow air into the unit, resulting in 50% more volume. Sliders and snaps make the units easy to connect and stack, allowing anyone the ability to customize the seating configuration that works best for them. The reverse cushion is a great example how a seemingly big problem can have a very simple solution.

+ Alon Tal