Now that the winter is in full swing in the northern hemisphere, grey skies dominate the horizon—and we should all watch out for signs of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Three guys from Denmark think they’ve got the solution for SADness: they’ve invented a pair of reverse sunglasses that promise to bring back sunny days no matter how cold and gloomy it is outside. Just slide the frames on and they’ll power up six LED lights that’ll transport you to a one-person island of sunshine and good times.

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The trio ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to make their LED outfitted wearable sunshine a reality. So if you’re feeling lethargic, hungry and irritable, perhaps popping these sleek shades on and pumping up the UV rays will keep your mood boosted all through the snowy season. The inventors of the “sun” glasses placed six LED lights behind a frosted reflector that bounces a lovely glow across your face but won’t blind you – so you can go about your normal activities. They promise you can read a book or work at your computer while sporting the mood-enlightening spectacles.

As it states on the Seqinetic home page: “these ‘sun’ glasses are a calorie-free, substance-free way to beat the winter blues. They offer the bright, white daylight you’re craving—in a portable design.” The trio demonstrates how the glasses work in their demo video (it’s in Danish, but definitely worth a watch), and say that these glasses are a more productive way to beat the blues than the SAD light stations that are currently all the rage.

+ Seqinetic