Not everyone thinks that immortality would be a dream come true, but most people strive for a long, healthy life. Seekers of age-enhancing foods and lifestyle choices have often looked to Japan, whose population is known for living well into old-age with full physical and mental capabilities. This has been attributed to green tea, seaweed, tofu…and now, to an apartment design that will keep you agile and alert.

The Reversible Destiny Lofts were designed specifically to keep residents uncomfortable, always on their toes. Uneven surfaces, details that will make you trip and fall, stimulating colors all work together to produce an effect opposite the calm and tranquil setting we presume the elderly seek in a home. If you live in a Reversible Destiny Loft, the conceptual alternate universe will jostle you into good health and keep you ticking well into the 22nd century(talk about needing rent-control).

via: WMMNA
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