We could all use a bit more space in our place. Thats why I have such love for folding 2?in?1 furniture like Murphy beds and More Doors. Next in this illustrious line of folding furniture is Reversica’s reversible media center. Sort of like a Murphy bed for the high-tech generation, Reversica’s Gyre allows you to swivel between your flat screen TV on one side, and your books and knick-knacks on the other side. Very cool.

In case you are wondering about the furniture design, Reversica makes the swively stuff inside the furniture that makes it work ? not the furniture itself. (which is a good thing, cause I’m personally not a fan of the neo-traditional cabinet shown in this picture) Good to know that one can get this innovative functionality in any style furniture you desire. You would probably need to coordinate between your furniture-maker and Reversica to get this up and running in your house.