Trying to improve kid’s diets is tough, even with Michelle Obama on the case. But California based Revolution Foods—a company started by two moms—is looking to transform the way America eats by providing healthy and affordable meals to all school children. Nutrition is at the heart of the meals they offer, and so far they’ve served over one million fresh dishes in public schools across the country. Now, the team has paired up with Back to the Roots to kick off their awesome “Grow Food, Give Food” campaign, a national movement to bring kids more veggies.

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Revolution Foods certainly has a healthy mission: to encourage sustainable healthy food production and consumption. Their aim is to build lifelong healthy eaters by making “kid-inspired, chef-crafted food accessible to all”. By this they mean to fuel the food growing revolution while transforming meals in American schools. They want to do this not only by providing healthy, well-balanced meals, but by getting to the roots of the problem through education. Revolution wants to make sure that children grow up learning about nutrition and healthy food, eating well as they do it.

Want to help out? All it takes is a vote for the school of your choice and Revolution Foods will send them a donation of healthy lunchtime veggies! You can also take a look at their Facebook page for more information.

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