Filmmaker Liz Canning is creating a crowd-sourced documentary on how cargo bikes are changing the way we live, and she wants your footage for her film! Canning always loved to bike, but when she had twins in 2008 her commute up and down a steep hill in Marin, California, became a grueling ride. So she bought a custom Shuttlebug from Joe Bike in Portland and wrote an article on cargo biking for a local paper. This journey led her to discover an entire community of people beginning to leave their cars at home to commute on cargo bikes. How many? That’s the tricky part. There are no reliable sales figures to document the cargo bike resurgence in the U.S., so Canning wants your help to show the green transportation revolution in progress.

The video above is the trailer for a documentary project Canning has started to crowd-source a film about cargo bikes around the country. Check it out to see how you can be involved in the (R)Evolutions Per Minute film project and show how a bakfiets bike has changed your lifestyle.

+ Liz Canning

Via TreeHugger