This ingenious lampshade created by Dutch designer Richard Hutten for office-furnishings company Gispen is laser-cut from a single piece of material, resulting in no waste. The lampshade was part of a collection of furniture, lighting, and accessories on display at the 2012 London Design Festival‘s Super Brands exhibition, which focused on interior design.

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Richard Hutten is art director for Gispen’s new NgispeN design collection targeted at the home furnishings market. His work has been sold and exhibited around the world and can be found in the permanent collections of several design and art museums. One of the most internationally influential Dutch designers, Hutten was an early advocate and member of design firm Droog Design. “Droog” is a Dutch word meaning “dry,” a reference to the simplicity and dry humor of the movement’s designs.

In an interview, Hutten describes his work at Gispen as “playing with tradition.” One project Hutten is working on is the redesign of the President, a classic Gispen desk from the 1950s. The project will turn the design process on its head, so to speak, involving a complete re-think of the original product. Hutten says, “Usually you start with an idea that ultimately leads to a product or object; in this case the existing product is the idea, the end result is a renewed product that has passed through the entire design process.”

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