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Richie Trimble has been participating in group bike rides since he first arrived in L.A. six years ago. Trimble’s first foray into tall bikes was just three frames high, which he nicknamed Kabuki Sky, which he built himself at Santa Monica’s Bikerowave.

Trimble’s tall bikes in the past have been made from parts upcycled from other bikes, often including multiple frames. For his 14.5-foot Stoopid Tall, Trimble gave new life to a a disused Huffy beach cruiser and added height using tubing from an old shopping cart. The ridiculously long bike chain was made by combining six and a half bike chains, equaling 32.5 feet.  Trimble spent just 12 hours constructing the skyscraping bike, hours before the group ride was planned.

Once on the road, Trimble’s height on Stoopid Tall brought him close enough to touch Los Angeles street signs. His new perspective made him several feet above oncoming traffic, as well as just grazing the underside of overpasses as he traveled from downtown Los Angeles to Venice. The wacky Frankenbike brought smiles to everyone he passed, ending his journey at the beautiful beach of Venice.

Via Streetblog LA

All Images © Hal Bergman