We’ll be the first to admit that our infatuation with Rick Lee’s Night Owl lamp might have something to do with it’s resemblance to our local Inhabitat mascot, Habby, — but you have to admit this 3D printed lamp is pretty charming, even to non-Inhabitants, right? Who wouldn’t want this friendly face lighting your way come nightfall?

Made of a poluamide polymer, the 3D printed Night Owl Lamp perches itself atop a steel tripod and charmingly blends humor and design, craft and new technology. For the past few months, it has been making its way through multiple international furniture fairs including New York’s ICFF during Design Week. For those of you along the pacific side of the states who missed the opportunity to spot it at ICFF -have no fear. Rick Lee is a San Francisco local, and last month the Night Owl Lamp made an appearance in his own personal loft with his fasionista designer wife Colleen Quen in a show they called “Ouroborus – a visual interpretation of the five elements, the endless powers of creation and the natural cycle of life.”

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