Sustainable office solutions company Ricoh has just unveiled its “eco-board” billboard in London. The high-tech board is powered by solar panels and wind turbines and only lights up when it has generated enough power to do so. The new eco-board is located on the M4 motorway and uses 96 solar panels and 5 wind turbines for its self-sustained power generation.

We have to wonder why a billboard would require such a massive solar array to turn on, or why a company would invest so many resources in greening a concept that could more simply be made zero emissions by returning to its predecessor’s technology: paint on a board. Nevertheless, this new innovation has promise for greening lit billboard arrays such as those found in Tokyo and in New York’s Time Square. Ricoh has already installed similar eco-boards in New York and Sydney, and we’re looking forward to seeing where they take this new technology.

+ Ricoh

Via TreeHugger