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The bunglow was built back in 1925 on the corner of 24th Avenue East and East Boston on a small plot of land in front of another home. Local folklore says that the property’s pie-like shape is due to an argument between the adjacent home owner and next door neighbor. When the neighbor offered the property owner an insultingly small price for the land, the property owner built the Spite House in retaliation to his low offer.

Whether this story is true or not, the home is definitely odd. The perimeter seems to hug the equally odd shapen plot of land, both emulating a pie. The front of the house is just fifteen feet wide, while the back squeezes into four and a half feet. But despite the disproportionate shape, the house still boasts all the regular comforts of home. And though compared to neighboring homes the Spite House looks particularly small, the home is actually 830 square feet, which is comparable to an urban apartment dwelling.

The Montlake Spite House’s quick sale goes to show that even Seattleites are jumping into the tiny living trend!

Via Yahoo Homes