The Swedish fashion brand Righteous definitely follows moral law when it comes to sustainable innovation. Founded in 2004 by human rights law students, Paula Kermfors and Kajsa Holst, the Righteous label has become synonymous with sound ethical and environmental design ideas that are artfully woven into their eco-chic creations. Righteous works with numerous designers each season for the creation of their organic and Fair Trade collections. Their recent presentation at the House of Organic sustainable fashion show here in New York City was evidence that the Swedes are really onto something when it comes to combining a sharp and strong design sensibility with ecologically sound production methods.

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The Fall 2008 Righteous collection was designed exclusively by Katarina Vickovic, a talented Swedish designer with a devoted following. Her slinky jersey pieces have redefined the usual eco-fashion template with a sexier body-conscious silhouette. The multi-stripe scarf that Vickovic added as an accent to several of her softly draped dress ensembles served as a super-cute way to unite her deep rust, black, and olive green palette for fall 2008.

We love that all of these pieces look so cute, so wearable and so darn addictive. How eco-friendly is that — to love one’s wardrobe from season to season, regardless of trends? Add to that the founders’ agenda of bringing about social change and sustainable development in developing countries, and we think that Righteous is right on track when it comes to classic, lasting, sustainable design.

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