Revelers at this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration at South Bank in London will actually be able to taste the annual fireworks display! Thanks to food scientists Bompas & Parr, for the first time Londoners will be treated to multi-sensory fireworks that they can see, taste and smell as they ring in the new year. While the colorful fireworks light up the sky, the crowd will be showered with sweet smells and edible confetti that comes in sumptuous flavors such as peach, banana and orange.

On December 31 st, as red fireworks burst over the River Thames, the spectators below will be treated with strawberry smells and a shower of fruity flavored edible confetti. Like a scene from Willy Wonka, the crowd will be able to sample flavors falling from the sky. Peach colored and flavored snow flakes will sprinkle down as the fireworks burst, as well as strips of banana confetti, all of which are entirely edible. Orange bubbles will also float amongst the crowd, and when they’re caught, they explode with a burst of zesty Spanish orange flavor.

Bompas & Parr have worked tirelessly in the lab to create confetti that is not only safe to eat but actually palatable as well. The team hopes to create the best night of the visitors’ lives with an all encompassing multi-sensory experience.

Along with the first ever edible fireworks, London has planned to share its New Year’s Eve experience with a dedicated app that will simulate the fireworks display on your smartphone.

+ Bompas and Parr

Via Daily Mail

Image ©jtlondon