Rinspeed just unveiled its new microMAX electric vehicle ahead of its debut next month at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The unique commuter vehicle concept merges personal and public transportation in a clever fashion. Its small exterior is perfect for maneuvering in an urban environment, and the concept also uses cloud technology with real-time navigation functions that can modify routes dynamically to account for current traffic.

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“We have developed an intelligent and eco-friendly mobility concept complete with its own vehicle that combines the benefits of personal transportation with those of taxis, car-sharing services and carpool concepts as well as those offered by public transit. It uses the powerful UMTS and LTE data networks in urban centers and operates in real time,” stated Frank M. Rinderknecht, boss of Swiss creative powerhouse Rinspeed.

The microMAX concept is a four seater concept with upright seats. Its interior seeks to create a comfortable “homey” environment with amenities like a coffee maker, refrigerator for refreshments and unlimited connectivity for entertainment purposes or for working while on the move.

The microMAX is also an all-electric vehicle powered by a forklift drive system. If Rinspeed were to produce the microMAX concept pricing would be around $7,000-$13,000.

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