For those of you who enjoy a cup of joe with your morning paper, the RITI Coffee printer offers an ingenious way to green your morning ritual: by turning your old coffee grounds into a sustainable source of ink for your printer! One of fifty top entries in this year’s Greener Gadgets Competition, the RITI printer takes the leftover grounds from your morning roast and plugs them into an ink cartridge to create an eco-friendly source of ink. Who would have ever guessed coffee stains could be be so useful!

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Hosted by Core77 and Inhabitat, this year’s Greener Gadgets Design Competition resulted in an incredible crop of innovative consumer electronics designs, and we’re excited to offer you the first scoop on some of our favorite designs! Jeon Hwan Ju’s RITI printer works by replacing environmentally un-friendly inkjet cartridges with the dregs from your daily coffee. Simply place used grounds in the ink case, insert a piece of paper, and move the ink case left and right to print text.

In addition to ridding the printing process of the ink cartridge (its most environmentally un-friendly throw-out), the RITI printer also requires a bit of human action to get things going, which eliminates the need for any really significant power source. This last part of the idea seems a bit impractical, but after all that coffee you are drinking, maybe you need some exercise to burn off your excess energy!? Not a coffee drinker? No worries, it works just as well with tea.

The Greener Gadgets Design Competition has JUST announced the 50 finalists on a public voting website that seeks reader participation. We’re going to use your votes to help determine the top ten designs to take to the Greener Gadgets Conference, to compete live on stage for $5000 in prize money. Check it out and weigh in today! Whats your favorite Greener Gadget?


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