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Designed by landscaping company Ambius, the green roof crowns the new East Tower addition, which houses 160,000 square feet of new operating, delivery, ICU, and private patient rooms.  The facilities in the new addition are state of the art, making the hospital one of the premier birthing centers in the area. The East Tower addition itself was built with eco-consciousness in mind. The walls were painted with low VOC paint and the flooring is made from a mix of recycled content and renewable resources. Super efficient low E glass and heat resistant roofing was used in construction and te rooms were fitted with occupancy sensors for reduced energy consumption. Energy Star rated appliances were also purchased for use.

The living roof features an array of multi-colored plant life that will grow year round. The rooftop garden will help insulate the building below, provided a reduction in heating and cooling costs of 20%, as well as help to purify the surrounding air and cut down on carbon dioxide. Rainwater is filtered and absorbed through the roof, reducing storm overflow that reaches the city’s sewers.

Denise Eichmann of Ambius also hopes that the green roof will inspire patients and employees in the hospital. Aside from being a relaxing visual (as opposed to a barren industrial roof), the green roof is a blatant symbol of environmentalism.

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