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RMJM, Taichung Cultural Center, Taichung, Taiwan, Cloud-shaped building

The city of Taichung in western Taiwan recently held an international design competition to build a new library and cultural center in the city center. The competition has brought out some seriously creative proposals from several of the world’s leading architecture firms. Previously, NYC-based LOT-EK unveiled a proposal for a a structure that would be made from more that 1,600 recycled shipping containers. RMJM’s proposal doesn’t contain any shipping containers, but it does include plenty of green features.

In addition to the solar panels and roof gardens, RMJM’s plan for the Taichung Cultural Center calls for the use of passive solar strategies and natural ventilation that would reduce the overall energy used by the cloud-shaped building. And the building’s skin will act as a double façade enclosure that will provide a screen for shading to provide natural cooling. The unique shape of the building will also help to shade the lower levels.

RMJM’s proposed building will be surrounded with gardens, and because the building itself will be suspended above the ground, it will open up more ground-level space for public plazas. “The ground plane is transformed into a rolling landscape accessible from every direction, with the structure lifted off the ground, creating a cultural and recreational plaza,” the architects explain.