Many areas of India are undergoing an incredible transformation as existing infrastructure is overhauled in favor of more up-to-date systems. Although most construction projects feature an unwelcoming aesthetic, Designboom points us to one design solution where the designers have turned a blight of storm pipes into beautiful works of art. By simply taking colored cellophane and fashioning it to one side of each pipe, the creatives at Urfun Lab have fashioned a makeshift kaleidoscope of colorful forms that transform an unsightly concrete roadside pile into a strikingly beautiful, unexpected public space.

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Storm water pipes have become a common sight throughout cities across India, and they remain in prominent view until they are installed below ground. By simply adding a coat of color to one side of the pipe, Urfun Lab caused them to catch sunlight and cast an array of patterns on the roadside throughout the day. The pipes even provide a new place to hang out and rest.

The inspiration and motives behind Urfun Lab’s design are quite simple, as one designer states: “We are used to look[ing] at cities with a bird’s-eye point of view, whereby a lot of small details are overlooked or lost. Inverting this approach, Urfun Lab looked at a very specific situation of a city through a worm’s eye view, trying a small-scale gesture that enriches the environment. This might not be affecting the whole city, but as an idea to do so. It is meant to be a symbolic gesture on how to respond to our immediate environment.”

Urfun Lab is comprised of young professionals ranging from architects and urban designers to graphic designers, landscape architects, and more. Their collaborative efforts are focused on creating spontaneous works that surprise, challenge and inspire their users and themselves.

Via Designboom