California legislators have passed a bill to rename a tunnel fronted with a giant rainbow arch after Robin Williams, the man who could put a smile on just about anybody’s face. Soon after the late actor took his own life last August, one of his fans started a petition calling to have the Waldo Tunnel connecting residents of Marin county to the Golden Gate Bridge renamed after the long-time resident of Tiburon, California. The petition had 61,000 supporters.

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“Like many worldwide, I am mourning the death of the immensely talented entertainer and incredibly good person, Robin Williams. I live in Marin County, California, about three miles from Robin’s home in Tiburon,” writes Julie Wainwright in the petition.

“I want to remember and honor this very important citizen here in our community for the joy he brought to the world and to bring awareness to the silent illness that eventually took his life. I’m asking for your support to encourage the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to change the name of Waldo Tunnel to the Robin Williams Tunnel.”

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The petition clearly struck a chord, and Assemblyman Marc Levine (D-San Rafael) introduced legislation for the tunnel’s renaming, the Los Angeles Times reports. The California senate passed the bill on Wednesday.

“WHEREAS, Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014, in his home in Paradise Cay, Tiburon, California, as a result of suicide. Though he bravely battled addiction and mental illness, his death was a consequence of those diseases; and WHEREAS, Robin Williams will be remembered for making us laugh and for his generosity to others. It is altogether fitting to officially name what is commonly known as the Waldo Tunnel after Robin Williams; now, therefore, be it…” the bill reads.

Steve Williams, a California Department of Transportation spokesman, announced signs designating the new name, Robin Williams Tunnel, will be erected early Fall, forever memorializing one of America’s most colorful men.

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