Proving once again just how versatile LEGOs can be, robot builder Simon Burfield has created what he believes to be the world’s first working wheelchair made out of LEGO pieces. It may not be able to navigate the rugged outdoor world just yet, but the chair is perfectly capable of moving an adult weighing up to 198 pounds (90kg). The chair itself weighs in at 44 pounds, and is completely functional, with a joystick control and multi-directional wheels.

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The chair is built almost completely out of LEGOparts, including 6 LEGO Mindstorm NXT’s that control the direction of the chair and LEGO Technic parts for the body. The only non-LEGO pieces on the chair are the 12 Rotacaster multi-directional wheels, which allow the chair to turn left and right and rotate in a circle. The chair has smooth armrests for the rider’s comfort and while it may not be the quickest ride, it is certainly one of the most unique.

Burfield, who is known for his robot creations, including a wheeler robot made out of LEGO parts and a fully functioning robot arm that was displayed at a LEGO store, says that he is still working on the prototype and hopes to add a remote control function that allows the rider to control the wheelchair using an Android device and Bluetooth. “The chair is controlled via 1 NXT, this will be very straight forward to control via bluetooth,” he explains.

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via Daily Mail and PSFK