When you need housing in a technical world where sustainability is paramount, turn to technology. Automated Architecture (AUAR Ltd.) created the timber Dwelling Unit for Musicians with robotics, automation and sustainable materials.

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A timber house with a man sitting out on the front steps

The building is 10 square meters, or about 107 square feet. It is built using AUAR’s modular timber building system, a design created by the firm. Automation and robotics were used to construct it all.

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A series of boxes that make up the house

The Dwelling Unit will serve as an office space and rehearsal studio. Timber building blocks were robotically prefabricated. The robots create and stack the timber blocks so they can be transported. Once on site, the blocks can be put together in any way to create custom designs. They can be taken down and reassembled as desired.

A dwelling unit for musicians including large windowed rooms

To create this unique building, AUAR developed multiple potential designs. The clients picked the one they wanted and the features they needed out of all the options. Creating the blocks, which were made locally in regard to the building’s location, took about two weeks.

All the construction materials used in this building were chosen for their sustainability and low carbon footprint. There is paper cellulose insulation, a rubber floor and a recyclable EPDM roof.

Interior of the dwelling unit is built of wood and has skylight ceiling squares to filter in natural light

The finished unit blends beautifully into the surrounding landscape. On the other hand, the enormous door offers an amazing view of the outside world from within. More natural light comes in through the skylight above the desk.

The interior of the dwelling unit has a cello in the corner and windows all around

Rather than transporting these modular dwellings across great distances, AUAR sources locally to reduce the carbon footprint and engage the community.

“For AUAR, people are central to automation. This starts with design,” said CTO Gilles Retsin. “Our homes are not standard, one-size-fits-all spaces, but can be tailored and customized for every unique client, for each specific plot of land.”

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Photography by naaro