Did you ever think you could charge your iPad just by sitting down? Micassa Lab’s iRock does just that — letting you rock your way to a charged iPad or iPhone! The iRock transforms Grandma’s favorite chair into a kinetic energy harvester, also doubling as an easy way to charge devices during power outages.

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The iRock gives the classic rocking chair an ultra-modern upgrade, with an iPad stand, built-in 25-Watt speakers, and of course the iPad/iPod dock. The stand is angled so users can sit back, relax and watch a movie, or can be adjusted to accommodate working and sending emails.

Fusing furniture and technology, the iRock’s generator is not a cumbersome and clunky attachment, but instead a sleek white set of gears connected with a track. Attached behind the chair at the foot of the gliders, it is hardly noticeable. As the chair moves in a rocking motion, the generator captures the kinetic energy and converts it to electricity. The longer you rock, the longer your iPad or iPhone will be charged.

Made from Swedish oak, the chair comes in white, bright pink, turquoise, green or black, each with a matching generator and iPad stand. The iRock is possibly the only piece of furniture that can boast being “off the grid” while also putting your Grandma to work!

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