Whether you’re making coffee, ramen or a gourmet Italian dinner, the odds are that you boil at least a pot of water every day. That adds up to a lot of energy use – but UK kitchenware manufacturer, Lakeland recently teamed up with a rocket scientist from Oxford to create a pot that heats food 40% faster than conventional models. The cast aluminum pot, dubbed Flare, has fins that direct flames across the bottom and up the sides, capturing energy that would otherwise be wasted.

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Oxford University engineering professor Dr Thomas Povey invented the new energy-efficient pot in collaboration with Lakeland. Povey is usually focused on managing heat from jet and rocket engines, but when he applied his knowledge on a small scale the results were impressive. The Flare saucepan can reach cooking temperature around 34% faster, and it uses 28% less energy than conventional saucepans. It’s made from aluminum with stainless steel handles, and it also holds heat much more effectively than traditional models.

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The pot will launch next month in the UK through Lakeland’s website and stores. Prices range from £49.99 for a milk pot to £59.99 for a ten-inch frying pan, £64.99 for a saucepan and £84.99 for a stockpot.

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Via Daily Mail, The Telegraph