The key improvements to the home include adding curb appeal and reducing energy consumption by more than 50%. The curb appeal improvements aren’t just for the home itself, but they also help with the value of the neighborhood. This area of Phoenix was extremely hurt by the economic downturn and home improvements like these will help everyone’s property located in proximity to this G Home.

The home’s energy savings has come from a new HVAC System, R38 insulation, and new Energy Star Appliances, which Rocking Horse added during the remodel. Phoenix is known to have some very high energy costs, and these improvements will definitely help the owners save some cash.

A new bathroom, kitchen and master bedroom were also added to the home, and a water savings plan was also instrumental in “greening” the home. The home has new WaterSense fixtures, low-flow irrigation, and a new landscape, which uses less water. The landscape was designed by The Ranch Mine.

This remodel is just one more addition to the Rocking Horse and G Street teams’ arsenal of award winning remodels. Philip Beere, Founder of G Street, has now seen his G Homes become one of the leading national brands for remodeling homes that are pre-1980.

All-in-all, this is just one more example of G Street products helping to green up these blighted neighborhoods. We know that Rocking Horse Redevelopment loves using the G Street certification process!

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