Chic organic designs coupled with cheap Target-style prices? Did you ever think that this was possible? It is now that the king of cheap-chic, Target, has teamed up with celeb eco fashion designer Rogan (of Loomstate and Edun), to produce a new line of 100% organic clothes that are as easy on the wallet as they are on the eye. With cute safari-inspired prints, and prices starting as low as $16.99 for tops, we don’t want to hear any more bitching and moaning about how expensive eco fashion is…Now you have no excuse not to totally greenify your wardrobe.

Rogan’s new organic collection for Target goes on sale in Target stores next week. For New Yorkers who can’t wait, however, the collection goes on sale TODAY (yes, today) at Barneys Co-op. From Friday through Sunday, you can buy Rogan’s collection for Target at Barneys before it hits Target. I don’t know about you, but I’m psyched to be able to afford stuff at Barneys. This is pretty much as close as it gets to ‘having your cake and eating it, too.’ Since there is no Target in the area, you can bet I’ll be at Barney’s this weekend. Hope to see you there!

via NyMag