On Thursday, 50 recumbent velomobile tricycles set off from Portland to Washington D.C. on a 3,000-mile journey to raise awareness for sustainable transportation. Dubbed Roll Over America, the unique race brought together twenty-five riders from Europe and twenty-five riders from North America on a race to the nation’s capital.

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The vehicles may be colorful and fun, but “these people are serious,” said event organizer Tom Breedlove. “Velomobiles and all other forms of human transportation can transform our mobility landscape.” Velomobiles weigh about 80 pounds and can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour on flat surfaces, sometimes more on downhill slopes. Breedlove says that some velomobiles even use parachutes to slow down: “These velomobiles are the world‘s fastest road bikes for everyday use. Quite a few among us race them, but most of our mileage is on public roads and bikeways.” Portland mayor Sam Adams declared Thursday Velomobile Day, as the “velonauts” left bike-friendly Portland and started their cross-country journey, planning to ride 100 miles or more per day. Check out the video to see the world from a velomobile.

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