Searching for thrills at New York Design Week? Look no further – Inhabitat favorite Uhuru Design has just revealed an undulating roller coaster chair made of wood reclaimed from the demolished Coney Island boardwalk. Set to be unveiled this week at BKLYN Designs 2010, the piece is part of Uhuru’s new Coney Island Line, which reflects on the history of the amusement park while celebrating the weathered nature of the 70 year-old aged wooden planks.

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From furniture made from recycled bourbon barrels to striking stools composed of steel off-cuts, Brooklyn-based Uhuru is always on the cutting edge of eco design — and their latest collection promises to be another show-stopper.

Each of the six new designs in Uhuru’s new Coney Island Line are inspired by individual experiences at the beloved local amusement park. The Ipe wood was first installed on the boardwalk in the late 1940’s, and it’s still in great condition as the beautifully-finished pieces attest. The designs are inspired by the duality of Coney Island — the hot, colorful summers and the cold, melancholy winters. Each piece attempts to interpret the surrounding architecture – from the low-rise buildings to the aged signs directing visitors towards the immense old-fashioned roller-coaster.

The reclaimed furniture collection consists of a lounger, coffee table, end table, console, lamp and mirror — all titled to reflect their individual theme park interpretation. The Cyclone Lounger resurrects the form of Coney Island’s iconic roller coaster with an undulating array of light and dark wood, while the Wonder Coffee Table features a “Vaudeville-inspired scalloped pattern” that wouldn’t look out of place on a ride itself.

Since there’s an extremely small supply of the locally-sourced boardwalk material, the furniture line consists of six limited-edition pieces, and only 10 reproductions of each design will ever be available for purchase. If you’d like to check them out in person then head on down to BKLYN Designs 2010 this Friday!

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