When you think of Rolls-Royce, images of large, twelve-cylinder luxury vehicles will likely come to mind. But Rolls-Royce’s image could become a bit greener in the next few years, as the automaker just announced plans to introduce its first ever plug-in hybrid model.

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In the past Rolls-Royce has stated that its buyers rarely ever ask for fuel-efficient cars, which is why alternative drivetrains have never been a focus for the automaker – until now. In order to comply with more stringent emissions regulations, Rolls-Royce is preparing a plug-in hybrid that will feature a powertrain borrowed from BMW.

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In 2011, Rolls-Royce previewed a fully electric version of its Phantom sedan, which was called the 102EX. Unfortunately, buyers did not welcome the limited driving range and long charging times of the electric vehicle, so plans were canceled. Now Rolls-Royce hopes that a plug-in hybrid will better appeal to its buyers.

“A Rolls-Royce cannot come with any kind of compromise, and both the recharging times and the range were not acceptable for our buyers – but with hybrid technology that is no longer a problem,” stated Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Otvos.

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