When it comes to striking good looks and serious sex appeal, many eco-friendly cars end up short. Not so with Ronn Motor’s first production vehicle, the Scorpion. Featuring streamlined curves backed by a hydrogen fuel injection system, this powerhouse convertible boasts an emission-free top speed of over 200 mph!

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We love our eco-friendly cars here at Inhabitat, whether they’re powered by hydrogen, electricity, bio-fuel, or solar. But many times these cars are, oh how should we say, interesting looking. Now we have a car that works for the environment and looks hot while doing it.

The Scorpion features a finely tuned Hydrorunner boosting unit that provides Hydrogen on demand, which is injected directly into the motor. It will utilize a 1.5 gallon tank for water electrolysis and are Ronn Motors are working on being able to fill the tank with condensation from the air conditioning system, which will allow it to replenish itself. The injection system is very efficient, stretching fuel mileage an extra 20-40%.

The only downside (as always) is the Scorpion‘s pricing and availability: expect to shell out upwards of $150,000 for one of a limited production run of 200 cars. Fortunately, Ronn Motors are looking to use the Scorpion as a launch pad to build other cars and have plans to roll out electric and hybrid vehicles in the future.

+ Ronn Motors

Via Hydrogencarsnow.com