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The gorgeous installation lit up a darkened gallery at the former Philips Physics Laboratory during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven – a place significant for its role in the production of traditional lightbulbs throughout history. Roosegaarde created thousands of crystalline shaped pieces, each with two LED lights locked inside a colorful translucent exterior. The LED pieces don’t have power cords or batteries; instead they activate when placed on the floor, which has a weak magnetic field.

Each of the plastic tokens is cast in different colors, enabling visitors to create pictures, patterns and words with the brilliant LED pieces. Visitors are encouraged to constantly rearrange the pieces, even take them home if they wish. Roosegaarde dubbed the pieces “LEGOs from Mars” because of their potential for endless play. The permanent installation will continue to enlighten visitors as Roosegaarde plans to continuously add more and more crystals.

Roosegaarde will also encourage students to develop their own crystals by open-sourcing the design for fledgling lighting designers. The project helps to create a relationship between visitors and their environment using sustainable LED lights.

+ Studio Roosegaarde

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