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The dome-like greenhouse is activated when temperatures increase in the noon sun, causing water to evaporate and rise. With the humidity contained, the top point of the structure catches this evaporation before it’s able to escape into the atmosphere. As night falls, the greenhouse top is then opened by pulling the ropes attached to the latch, exposing the collected droplets to cool air.

Those droplets then cool and condense, falling into a storage cistern. The collected water can then be used for watering plants, or as safe drinking water. This system can be repeated each day, allowing plants to thrive while excess moisture is captured and saved for future use.

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Instead of solely being used as a greenhouse, this can also be used as a rainwater collector, ensuring that precious raindrops are saved and stored, instead of absorbing into the ground.

Roots Up plans to launch its first series of Dew Collector greenhouses in Northern Ethiopia, in conjunction with the University of Gondar. The Dew Collector is just one part of the company’s mission to help create a self-reliant farming community in Northern Ethiopia. You can help fund the project by visiting Roots Up’s Indiegogo page here.

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